Cozy up to this enticing adventure starring Lillian Hunter, an ordinary girl with astounding abilities: she has super powers! 


It’s the first day back to school for this fourth grader and Lillian couldn’t be happier enjoying the cool weather, playing and spending time with her friends. There are even new friends for her to make, including a new teacher who can’t wait to meet Lillian, having heard of how studious she is. But where there are friends, there are foes and when a curious Harley—a close friend to Lillian—finds himself in a whirlwind of trouble, a valiant Lillian races to his aid. But outnumbered and alone, Lillian and Harley fear for their safety causing Lillian to feel a strange, tingling feeling in the center of her palms. Just as she deflects, attempting to ward off their bullies she springs into action, the elements from her palms saving them just in the nick of time.
Learning to control her powers, fighting off bullies and helping others in her neighborhood, Lillian is unstoppable and is just what her peers need.

The Day I Became A Hero

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  • Ages: 4 - 9 years
    Publication Details: The Day I Became a Hero
    Paperback: 67 Pages
    Language: English
    ISBN-13: 978-1098785321
    Publication Date: September 18, 2019