“I know this may sound odd, but coming from a woman who has dealt with a series of bad relationships, I am always looking for people and self-help relationship books to make me feel good about the decisions I’ve made or are currently making in a relationship. But here, I am being told the opposite, the truth! How can a book be this good?! I mean really, so good, that I am willing to reconsider the type of advice I will take and practice as it pertains to my relationships. Ah! Mind blowing…” Alexa McDonaldSocial Media Today


“I can always appreciate a good no nonsense, straight to the point page turner and ladies, this is it! Love the woman to woman voice, we are her sisters.” Marilyn Wright


“Love Smart, Love Independently is a page turner! Pages upon pages of packed information with undiluted truth for all women no matter the race…” Chloe Cole, Author of How to Get your Love Back, The No Contact Rule, Relationship Advice



The fact is, “The Independent Millennial Woman” is not a woman who takes pride in being alone, or exuding masculine energy, in fact, she possesses a set of invaluable skills—high emotional intelligence, good judgment, specialized knowledge, and a vast network of possibilities. Stephenson tackles the hard truth that women are losing their power in relationships. Women are no longer leaving relationships, and African-American women are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem which in turn leads them to remain in unhealthy relationships for validation purposes.


Whether you’ve been forced to leave a relationship due to infidelity and not being chosen in the end, new to the dating scene, or are currently in a relationship where you feel powerless, LOVE SMART, LOVE INDEPENDENTLY will help you on your path toward leading a healthier lifestyle with a partner who is deserving of both your love and loyalty.


During recent studies, Stephenson learned that boomers and millennials have a lot to offer, and can learn from one another. As such, LOVE SMART, LOVE INDEPENDENTLY teaches millennials how to re-purpose a lifetime of experience and wisdom both learned and practiced by our elders to stay not just in longer-lasting relationships, but to help bridge the gap between working woman and nurturing wife.

Learn how to develop an independent mind and body, become a high-valued woman, who is valued without having to say she is, but rather, allow your actions to speak for you. No more settling, no more tolerating breadcrumbs and NO MORE choosing to forgive a serial cheater. Ride or Die days are OVER!!



"A somatic male narcissist will also find himself thinking, 'I am really benefiting from how she loves me, and she should be grateful I put up with her.' This then makes the narcissist feel as though he is doing you a favor by sticking around, standing by your side, and making you look good. His presence is a gift, or so he has trained himself to believe. Before you know it, you are craving this narcissist more than basic common sense would allow."

- Love Smart, Love Independently, 2019



Part I: The Foundation of Value 
Chapter 1. Bye Girl, Hello Sister 
Chapter 2. The Foolishly Devoted 
Chapter 3. Damage Day:

  • Signs of a Toxic Relationship
  • Subtle Signs Your Partner is Cheating

Chapter 4. Deciding Factors

  • Red Flags
  • The Other Woman
  • Distant Boyfriend and much more…

Chapter 5. Emancipation

The #TIMW (The Independent Millennial Woman) Quiz

....and ten more chapters to help you become a High-Value Woman

Love Smart, Love Independently

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