“An artistic story filled with laughter, love and warmth! I was so emotionally invested, the author writes with intrigue and obvious experience making this story not only entertaining but relatable.” Maureen HollowayProfessional Blogger


“What a superb writer and story! Kenneth is my absolute favorite; LATE BLOOMER has just enough drama to make you want to hurt somebody, yet just enough happiness to make you want to leap for joy…” Anastasia DeBecky, Blavity Magazine


“Dear Noel is RIGHT! I was lucky enough to receive the pre-launch PDF version as a gift from the author and I cannot wait to purchase the actual copy, the limited edition because I am dying to know what happens next.” Kristen PhelpsGoodway Group Media



Born to a middle-class family, Noel-Lee Kwon is the unjaded millennial in search of finding her place in the world. Bashful, beautiful and alluring, she is eager to learn the love laws that govern The City That Never Sleeps. Her first encounter with the millionaire tycoon—Nathan, who is nothing less than pretentious—sets off a series of events that may very well change her life forever. But just when her fondness of him begins to take an ugly turn as revelations about her new beau surfaces, new reunions and friendships emerge.

Centered between two love triangles with anxiety over her life to come when her thirties begin to near, Noel is unwilling to lose. This alluring girl using her charms and wits will do anything to procure the man of her dreams while securing her future.


Limited Edition includes an extension of Late Bloomer (extra chapter) to learn what really happens to Noel.

Late Bloomer

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  • Publication Details: Late Bloomer: Limited Edition
    Paperback: 272 Pages
    Language: English
    ISBN-13: 978-1796290325
    Publication Date: February 17, 2019
    New Cover: October 3, 2019