"My review is long, so please grab a coffee and bear with me! As a journalist I have the pleasure of reading many stories (I get them for free duh! Haha just kidding). However, on the flip side I get too many requests for publication which can be maddening, and so, initially when I received a request from a member on Lisa’s team, immediately, I thought, “Here comes another press release, blah blah blah,” and then, something happened. What happened is that I took a glimpse at the release, there was one line written there which caught my attention, “You’re pretty for a Dark-Skinned girl,” whew chile, I was like Wayment! That’s ME! I cannot tell you how much I despise hearing that and so, I requested a copy and Lisa, kind Lisa, sent me a copy of her manuscript right away! I spent my evening diving into the evolution of Nova and let me tell you, that was some dive.


First off let me begin by saying this is NOT your average rags to riches story, oh no! Ms. Nova got some spice honey, however, like a lot of women, she was just a fool in love. But the way that Lisa captured her story, through the eyes of not only the main character but additional characters as well, left me flabbergasted! Utterly impressed, because I then aspired to be like Nova—strong-willed, diligent, emotionally independent and prudent.


Overall, a solid 4.5/5 and the only reason I did not give this a complete 5/5 is because my girl Nova made me tad bit unhappy in the end, but that’s personal because I’ve also read ‘Late Bloomer’. I am telling you, we have a new Urban Fiction Queen upon us. Series or no, Lisa is unmatched in her storytelling abilities and the reprise of characters is simply astonishing. Good job Lisa!" Candace Tamara, Urban Mag-Online



Meet Nova Higgins, a fun-loving, silver-tongued woman with a bone to pick. After learning that the relationship with her son's father was coming to a grueling end Nova turned to YouTube to vent her frustrations. Blaming her hair strands amongst other things as reasons why her relationship had gone sour—sparking the attention of men and women in the urban communities who found themselves dealing with similar experiences.

When the subscribers went up and the checks came in the mail, Nova was astonished to learn that so many women were too hearing: “You’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl." But as the fame came so did the responsibility of up keeping her image and building a brand, causing Nova to lose sight of the most important thing—her son.

EVEN MY HAIR IS MAD is an exciting story of a woman who turned her pain into profit, but comes close to losing the one person she could have never imagined living without. Faced with an ultimatum of choosing fame over family, which will Nova choose?

Even My Hair Is Mad

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  • Publication Details: Even My Hair Is Mad
    Paperback: 296 Pages
    Language: English
    ISBN-13: 978-1094740201
    Publication Date: July 29, 2019
    New Cover: November 7, 2019