"Lisa K. has a unique gift of writing. The book is very well written and organized so that you truly understand step by step how to understand as a man what we put our women through on a regular basis...very good insight into the mind of women on how they handle very stressful situations and how their own lives can be shifted just by simple stupid things us men do." JuvonAmazon Customer


"Received the book as a gift from best friend, after dealing with a rough break-up similar to the one the character dealt with in Oxygen. I couldn’t stop turning the page! Each story is unique but shares common themes of forgiveness, pain, family and love. I would def recommend, came back to order for my mom and sister." Stephenie R.Amazon Customer


"Great Book. I feel a lot of women will be able to relate or can also use this read as a great learning experience within love-hate relationships." Matthew B.Goodreads



The Inferno of a Gem

Framed for the murder of her brother-in-law, Jewel Thompson a recovering alcoholic finds herself in the center of a nefarious plot conspired by her sister, Jade Thompson. Jade is loved by the town, a grieving widow and an active philanthropist she remains steadfast in seeing her sister pay for this heinous crime. However, when Alan Rose, a boisterous defense attorney from New York City is asked to represent Jewel he immediately takes a liking to her. Together they uncover the truth and unmask a murderer.


To Be Bee

Twelve years after the slaughtering of The Baxter’s: an affluent, renowned family consisting of a husband, a wife, and three beautiful children, the culprit is up for parole. Big Red, the detective responsible for solving this crime and putting their fifteen-year-old killer behind bars acts as he is determined to prevent the young murderess, Beatrice Baxter from ever walking the streets again. Enlisting the assistance of top dog lead prosecutor Whitney Peterbrook, Big Red is confident he will succeed in his demands. But when the tables turn and identities are revealed can Big Red stand a chance against his adversaries?



Based on true events

Kara and Kayla are first-year law students looking to begin their journey and make their mother proud. But when Kara and Kayla find themselves infatuated with two men who are neither single nor emotionally available they are warped with lies and misconceptions. Determined to make a change, Kayla is telling the story of her pain in hopes of overcoming her trauma. Kara’s odyssey is anything but thrilling as both sisters join forces and make decisions capable of destroying both of their lives. A story of truth, pain and eye-opening revelations Oxygen will have you gasping for air.


Covenant: The Sister Series Compilation

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  • Publication Details: Covenant: The Sister Series Compilation
    Paperback: 262 Pages
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    ISBN-13: 978-1546606376
    Publication Date: November 26, 2017
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