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Welcome ladies and gents! The Independent Millennial Woman Podcast is all about diving into the relationship pool one day and one fuck boy at a time! With Lisa, you can listen, read and discuss via any one of the blogs written below and/or Podcasts. Ladies, we have to stick together and nope, no one here is going to judge you or make you feel foolish for loving the wrong man, but what we will do is help you to ensure that it does not happen again!!
Love Smart, Love Independently
A Self-Help Book
Behind my smile, is a painful story. Have you ever wondered the difference between a man’s love and that of your own? I did. I have spent days, months, years pondering how to learn the way a man thinks so I may answer this one question, why am I not good enough? Ladies, Love Smart, Love Independently is more than just a journey of the pain and sacrifices I endured, this is a story that relates to all women! The story of a woman’s voyage through love, pain, independence and assertiveness.

In this self-help book you will learn how to reclaim your power, just as I have, love smart and love with independence. Relationships are half and half, and if you find yourself on the higher end of the fulcrum daily then it is time to face facts. Let me strip you down and build you back up, the right way! Here is where you will learn the importance of self-love, appreciation, self-esteem and confidence. Knowledge after all, they say, is key.
"A somatic male narc will also find himself thinking, “I am really benefitting from how she loves me, and she should be grateful I put up with her.” This then makes the narcissist feel as though he is doing you a favor by sticking around, standing by your side, and making you look good. His presence is a gift, or so he has trained himself to believe. Before you know it, you are craving this narcissist more than basic common sense would allow."
- Love Smart, Love Independently, 2019
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