Lisa K. Stephenson
Change is Eminent. Make it Count.
Motivational Speaker/ Author/ Feminist/ Dating Coach

"We place a dollar value on everything and now more than ever “independent women” are finding themselves single, settling or simply put, tolerating bullshit."
Lisa K. Stephenson ―
Chapter I
Keynote Speaker
“By bringing this to workshops and speaking engagements, it is to ignite women in a sisterhood circle to discuss the mistakes we make with romance and intimacy. I’ve seen the most educated and successful women fall into this toxic and hypnotic place. By opening the conversation to this sensitive topic, where one’s vulnerability is exposed in a trusting environment, that we can heal, redirect the energy and support one another so it doesn’t happen again”, says Lisa Stephenson.
The Independent Millennial Woman Podcast
The Independent Millennial Woman Podcast is the truth women do not want to hear when it comes to relationships and dating, after all, there are no victims, only volunteers. Women control relationships right up to the point where we decide to get into them, then we gladly relinquish our power by placing ourselves on the back burner and allowing our relationships to take precedence over our lives. Why do we do this? The answer is simple, we were taught to.
I believe that behaviors are learned and just like you were taught to be a nurturing fool, you can learn how to be an independent woman. When I say independent, I am not telling women to live their lives without men, or without the assistance of men, what I am teaching women to do is not rely solely on a man to acquire the things they need in life. This can range from money to simple validation.

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“Lisa moves women to ‘walk their talk’ when it
comes to making responsible decisions. Finally,
someone who focuses on bad relationship choices
which impacts happiness, success and goals—
someone who brings common sense and logic to
the forefront for today’s women.”

"Remember the last time you were happy? We're here to remind you-"

First Impressions
Toxic Relationships
Women Empowerment
A recent study by two prominent psychologists claim that two seconds of a first appearance resonate so deeply that even after a period time, rarely does that first impression change. In this engagement, Lisa Stephenson focuses on the importance of the first impression, finding comfort in your body style and looking at various fashion options to compliment a woman’s size and ”first impressions.”
It happens to the best of women, and the toxic relationship most often derail women on their journey to success and happiness. In this powerful presentation Lisa teaches how to overcome and avoid toxic relationships, indiscretions and domestic violence. These attractions that have turned violent can be destructive impacting friends, family and ones career.
Lisa focuses on leadership and what it means to share co-power in relationships be it romantic or platonic. Taking the power to ensure you not placed on the “back burner” when it comes to opinions and decisions. Far too often women give up their independence and release the power to others and accept the role of caring for others and always putting herself last on a list. This is about taking ownership of your power.