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Motivational Speaker/ Author/ Feminist/ Dating Coach

2019 Book Box Giveaway
By now you’ve heard, we’re giving away a FREE Summer Book Box to one lucky winner! How do you win? The instructions are simple.
(1) Join Lisa’s Facebook Group: Lisa’s Cabineers—if you haven’t already done so and don’t forget to complete your registration form to let us know your birthday to receive special gifts.
(2) Click here to print our invitation sheet to spread the word and begin inviting others to join. Print as many as you like, remember the more invites, the better your odds.

New members when registering will be prompt to let us know who their invitation came from.

The person with the most invites WINS! Our summer book box will be available 6/21/2019!
The winner will be notified via email and announced on Facebook & Instagram and will receive their prize within 7 business days!

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S ummer B ook B ox
Hello Cabineers, your summer reading just got a whole lot more interesting! This summer we are introducing our Summer Book Box. The Summer Book Box will contain a print copy of four autographed books (hand picked by YOU), a personalized “thank you” letter from Lisa, personalized book mark, coaster, tote and for one lucky winner an even “bigger” mystery gift.

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Each summer we will launch our Summer Book Box and each summer the contents will get better and better! Place your orders today to receive your box by June 15, 2019. Make sure to grab yours early.

Special Gifts

Personalized Lisa K. Coaster
(valued $12.00)

Personalized Wine Glass (valued $15.00)

Softcover Lisa K. Stephenson 2019 Group Planner (valued $25.00)

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W elcome C abineer

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Welcome to our book group. This is an online group of avid readers that utilizes what’s called a Facebook “group” page. We are quickly becoming friends as we share our love of books. If you are on FB and haven’t joined yet, you can do so here:
Lisa’s Cabineers

If you just joined, the following information will bring you up to speed very quickly. And just to welcome you to the group, I’m offering you two samples you can download below.

Book Group Meetings

We have a meeting once a month in which we feature one of my books or that of a guest author. Either I will do a Live Feed, or one of the guest authors will, so that you will get to discuss the book with its creator. This will happen on the Book Group page.

Group Bookmarks

These are not personalized (with your full name in the actual printed design), they are autographed by me and commemorate the year you entered the group. We give these away randomly to people who participate by posting, commenting and attending the monthly meeting.

Member Birthdays

We will post a Happy Birthday to all members who have a birthday in the current month. Those who fit that category will post the day of theirs and then we will draw one winner per month to receive a personalized Lisa K. Stephenson glass coaster and autographed Lisa K. Stephenson book of his or her choice

Notification Settings

To designate what you would like to see from the group, you can choose all posts, only highlights, friends’ posts. Please select all posts if you don’t want to miss anything that is happening in the group. Highlights would be the next best choice and will show you the popular things that are happening in the group. To make sure you have set your notifications to your desired choice, simply go to Lisa's Cabineers. On the bottom right of the banner photo, you’ll see the buttons, “Joined,” “Share,” and “Notifications.” You can select your preference there.


We don’t have many rules for the group. You’re free to post anything
positive, even if it’s not book related. The only “please don’t post this” would be anything that attacks someone else, anything political, anything that asks for votes or likes and anything that’s trying to sell something.


When will Lisa come to my city?

Is Lisa working on any series novels?

What is some advice Lisa would give to me?

Readers who are new to Lisa’s work may not realize that she is a new writer who is beginning to develop her creative portfolio. While she loves the idea of connecting with readers, having discussions and attending events she simply must prioritize her writing. As the Chairman of the Board for Tau Iota Mu Psi, Inc.   Lisa invites her Cabineers to consider joining her non-profit organization where their mission is to aid men and women financially towards earning a college degree and finding their independence.
Yes, both Green Trees and The Alter will be developed into series novels.
Work on your goals daily – whether this is writing, marketing, building your own business or brand, simply set aside at least forty-five minutes a day or more to work on your own craft.

What is Lisa working on now?

She is currently working on completing Even My Hair is Mad, a romance fiction novel. Lisa is also recording Podcasts for her #TIMW show. Click here to listen, like and share.

Free Samples

Are you an aspiring author? Have you completed your first manuscript? If so, Lisa is inviting you to join us this summer for the ‘Late Bloomer’ book tour. As a feature on our tour you will be provided a chance to read an excerpt from your complete manuscript and interact with prospective readers. Requesting your place on our tour is easy:

Email your name, address, a short biography, the title and word count for your completed manuscript along with a one sentence pitch to [email protected]

Cabineers, you can find samples for two of Lisa’s newest novels by clicking the links below.

The Yellow Brownstone by Lisa K. Stephenson (sample opens as a PDF)
Late Bloomer by Lisa K. Stephenson (sample opens as a PDF)

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