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Late Bloomer is Lisa K. Stephenson’s newest romance novel introducing Noel-Lee Kwon. Noel is a hardworking, eclectic, free-spirited bachelorette. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree, she embarks on a journey outside of her hometown of Seattle, Washington. Living single and dancing in the dating pool is proving itself to be rather exciting, however, with her thirties beginning to rear its ugly head, Noel finds herself at a cross-road. Should she settle down and become the woman society says she should be at her age: a loving mother and nurturing wife? Or, should she continue on her path avoiding the responsibility of family all together? Well, those questions got answered when she found herself smitten by a man, she had least expected. But will he be enough to satiate her desires?
When visited by a young stranger Vernette is asked to recall the most painful time in her life; the time she was convicted for first-degree murder. As the story unfolds we learn that Vernette Robinson had been a benevolent and humble individual before she murders her sibling. Driven from the jealousy manifesting itself within her from the tender age of eleven in Baton Rouge, LA where she was born and partially raised, Vernette did not take the relocation to the New York City streets well.

But just as if it looks like her life will be overshadowed by her tempest sibling, Vernette learns that her emotions are not her own, rather that of an unseen force of evil. When her younger sister Veronica begins living the life Vernette had envisioned for herself, she grows to envy her. The woman hidden deep inside eclipsed by her free-spirited, pulchritudinous younger sister is prompted to action when she finds herself behind bars for a crime she had committed but was not mentally present for.

However, proving her innocence turns out to be the least of her problems. As Vernette fights for her freedom she fights her demons within, combating a demonic possession that only she is privy to proves unfortunate when faced with the decision to foster her nieces and nephews upon release, who also have been touched by evil. When she finally comes to grips with it all, she discovers at its center something far more insidious than she could have imagined: the generation curse she is forced to endure leads directly back to an ugly secret Vernette would have never wanted to know.
Lisa K. Stephenson is a noted fiction author whose characters and
life’s events weave into your imagination with a heartfelt passionate
story of intrigue. The popularity of, “Covenant: The Sister Series
Compilation” is based on real life events that Lisa has carefully
intertwined into her characters that will seem quite real to each
female reader—it’s about real life.
When Bonnie became Bee, Bee became the woman she always dreamed to be, until the man she loved fell in love with Bee. #tobebee is a face/off thrill ride circling between two sisters manipulated by a man they had both come to treasure more than life itself.

The uncontrolled fire, #theinfernoofagem introduces Jewel and Jade, the Thompson sisters. After framing her sister for the murder of her deceased husband, a sad and enraged Jewel sets off on a journey to solving the crime that made her a widow. Two widows, with one resurrection that will change their lives forever.

They say finding the right love is like coming up for air, but no one ever talks about the feeling below the surface. The suffocation, the lack of #oxygen. Both Kayla and Kara are first year law school students battling domestic violence, murder, infidelity and the true meaning of til death do us part... with their paramours. 

Water cleanses what Blood steins

"My mind is a wounded place..."
- Lisa K. Stephenson, 2019


Love Smart, Love Independently

Behind my smile, is a painful story. Have you ever wondered the difference between a man’s love and that of your own? I did. I have spent days, months, years pondering how to learn the way a man thinks so I may answer this one question, why am I not good enough? Ladies, Stripping Down: A Blogger’s Diary is more than just a journey of the pain and sacrifices I endured, this is a story that relates to all women! The story of a woman’s voyage through love, pain, independence and assertion. In this self-help book you will learn how to reclaim your power, just as I have, love smart and love with independence. Relationships are half and half and if you find yourself on the higher end of the fulcrum daily then it is time to face facts. Let me strip you down and build you back up, the right way! Here is where you will learn the importance of self-love, appreciation, self-esteem and confidence. Knowledge after all, they say, is key.

Even My Hair is Mad
Do African-American men still date and marry African-American women? Part-time blogger and full-time fashion consultant Nova Higgins will soon find out as she journeys through the dating pool searching for answers. Is she too dark, is she not funny enough, is she an angry black woman? The short answer, no. Her hair is just too nappy.
The Yellow Brownstone
An intelligent, eloquent speaker who graduated top of his class from Harvard Law school and a man on the political rise, we meet Irving Houston. Irving is a man on a mission, a man with a wife, destined to be the next Black President of the United States of America. With his political campaign exceeding expectations and pulling numbers campaign runs have never seen before, Irving realizes he will soon reside in the house of dreams.  But, is the soon to be president of the United States.. a gay man?
Hot Pink
Before she became a 3rd-grade school teacher Tessa was an exemplary dancer, until her father decided he no longer saw a future for his daughter in dancing. Now, The Phoenix, a prestigious performing arts university is holding its 75th annual enrollment auditions for their graduate's program. Tessa is ecstatic and decides she will audition. But when a friendly competition turns deadly Tessa must decide if she will stay and perform or turn herself in. A story about mental slavery, murder, jealousy and the love of the art, Hot Pink will have you turning in your seat.
The Alter
When seventeen-year-old Emilia Moses finds a book in her school library, she immediately takes an interest as it the largest, oldest book she had ever come to see. As she turns the pages she begins to hear the echoing of young children around her. One night as she overheard her mother and grandmother quarreling she witnessed for the first time, her mother destroy a portion of a wall using her mind. Shortly after, Emilia learns she is a witch.
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